EMOVER: manage a fictitious estuary

EMOVER is a management simulation game, in which you can manage a fictitious estuary. You can make management decisions and get an impression of their influence on all kinds of functions in and around the estuary. 
The purpose of EMOVER is to let you experience the complexity of estuarine management and to let you learn about estuarine processes along the way. EMOVER is not meant to make policy.
Even though the estuary does not exist in reality, all calculations made in this simulation are based on empirical relationships between morphology and water movement.

EMOVER was made bij Houtekamer & Van Kleef as part of a contract commissioned by EMOVE, an Interreg IVb North Sea Region Programme funded project led by Rijkswaterstaat Zee and Delta


For more information about the EMOVE project click here.


You can play in the screen below. You can watch a tutorial by using this link.