Climate change in Nordre Alv, Sweden | EMOVE

Estuaries on the MOVE (EMOVE), is a European project, aimed at sustainable management and government of estuaries in the North Sea region.  Houtekamer & VanKleef has, by means of virtual landscapes, visualized the ecological and physical functioning of estuaries. We did this to facilitate the communication with stakeholders. Amongst two other products, we developed an interactive visualisation of the effects of climate change in the Göta älv river in Sweden.

The river Göta älv flows to sea through both the Göta älv estuary and the Nordre älv estuary. Sea level rise is expected to cause flooding in large areas in the future. For example, in the Göta älv estuary, flooding is expected to cause costly impacts for the central parts of Göteborg city. Nordre älv is a non-dredged estuary that also will be impacted by sea level rise, but it may also be affected by large scale solutions to protect the city of Göteborg.

Dialogues with stakeholders have been initiated in order to discuss the potential impacts of sea level rise on Nordre älv and what measures could be taken. To facilitate these talks, a 3D visualisation has been made of part of the Nordre älv in which different water levels can be shown. These visualisations have been used in a stakeholder meeting on September 4th 2014.


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