Project management and European projects

We tend to attain satisfying results for the commissioning companies, even though projects can be complicated because of procedural or content related issues. It's because of the way we work that we do: we keep searching, in a flexible way, together with all involved parties, for the best feasible solutions. By investing in bringing people together and generating enthusiasm we even pave the road for the phases yet to come. You will profit from lasting results.

Support for leadpartners in European projects

We can support you as leadpartner of an European project (Interreg North Sea, Two Seas, North West Europe, H2020) with the project management. You work together with partners from others countries with their own ways of working and their own goals with the project. We can support you to stimulate the international cooperation and to let the partners work to the common goal of the project. We operate at different levels: we are keen on working towards the common goals of your project but we also work on a very practical level by for example organising meetings, setting agenda's and producing communication tools. We work together with professionals who specialised in the financial and administrative  procedures of European funded projects.