The Voordelta, a remarkable sea

Client: Ministry of the Environment, Provincie of Zeeland and various municipalities

In the Management Plan Natura 2000Voordelta (2009, updated version 2016) a new set of rules have been presented for human activities in and around this protected part of the Dutch coastal sea. To bring these rules under the attention of visitors of the beaches and dams, Houtekamer & Van Kleef was asked to design and produce new information boards and brochures with concise information about the management plan. Moreover, these boards were not to be added to the colorful collection of boards that were already present, but they would, as much as possible, have to incorporate other information already present on existing boards also.


Together with our regular partners we developed a special communication style to make sure all information would be presented in a uniform way. We made brochures with concise information about the Voordelta and the rules that apply when visiting, and we made infomation boards for all beach accesses between the New Waterway (Nieuwe Waterweg) and Westkapelle. In 2016 when the Natura 2000 Management Plan Voordelta was updated, we adjusted the information on all the panels.