Shellfish restoration North Sea - conference

Client: ARK natuurontwikkeling and WWF

A long time ago, about 20% of the North Sea floor was covered by shellfish. Shellfish reefs are an important habitat for all kinds of plants and animals and can be compared to coral reefs in warmer waters. Many reefs vanished because of all kinds of causes. Now people are working on reef restauration, and the first positive results have been achieved. 


Working together towards shellfish reef restauration

We organised a meeting for shellfish farmers and nature conservationists to develop new projects together. Also, we organised a conference called "Shellfish Restauration North Sea Works!". Both meetings were organised on behalf of Stichting ARK, the Community of Practice multi-use pilots North Sea 2030 and the World Wildlife Fund. One hundred people from government, nature organisations, wind farms, fishermen, sea weed farmers and researchers discussed how they could work together to restore shellfish reefs in the North Sea.

We took care of the complete organisation, from setting up the programme to finding a suitable location and chairperson and making sure the whole day ran smoothly. Together with our contractor we made a varied programme with stories about practical experiences and thematic discussions.